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Neyith of the Dire Hunt EDH: Beastmaster

Commander / EDH Aggro Midrange RG (Gruul)



Welcome to my guide to Neyith of the Dire Hunt! help is always appreciated, and if you have any suggestions be sure to leave a comment!


Neyith is awesome, from the second she was released i just instantly wanted to see what kind of deck i could build with her, this deck is filled with huge beaters and just promises to make someone scared for their lifetotal at least once a game

is this deck for you?

You like:

  • Solving problems with player removal
  • Huge creatures
  • Always being a threat
  • Breaking control

you don't like:

  • Slow Magic
  • Carefull gameplay
  • Games without combat

Deck playstyle

This deck is meant to smash and smash hard, being able to swing for lethal without too much effort, and throwing down threat after threat while removing your opponents creatures with fight cards.

Strenghts and Weaknesses:


Damage, by overwhelming a player with huge beasts before they have time to properly prepare, and just getting more gass from their blocks


If this deck gets continually stopped it will eventually run out of tempo and fizzle out, be sure to properly pace your threats and this should'nt be a huge issue though.


This deck makes me happy, as someone who usually plays more non-combat decks it is genuinely fun to pull this out and suprise people with suddenly smacking for 30, the commander is amazingly flavorfull and gives so many fun options! if you like beating face, this deck is for you!


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