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Nexus will become your one-card library if you execute a combo that full-mills your library. Once milled, your draw step will draw Nexus, casting it would give you an extra turn, and it would be put back as your one-card library to draw on the extra turn. If it were countered, it would again become your one-card library. Uninterrupted and with enough mana to recast Nexus each turn would net infinite turns.

There are two paths to full-mill here:

Hermit Druid with no basics

Cephalid Illusionist + Nomads en-Kor, aka "Cephalid Breakfast"

(not included: Basalt Monolith + Mesmeric Orb)

The biggest hurdle to making this otherwise quite compact win-condition work is making the 7 mana to cast and recast Nexus. Enter our beloved bird-wizard Derevi. Desperately in need of a reliable win-condition, her outward strengths are making lots of mana and slowing the game down to reach that critical mass of ramp. Perfect.

Derevi is an interesting fit for this strategy for a few reasons:

Derevi makes tons of mana during combat, which can be used to cast the instant speed Nexus.

She uses Yisan well which can assemble Breakfast on verses 1 and 2.

She wants one-card creature wincons to use her creature tutors for, which get either Hermit Druid or Yisan.

She's a flyer, which kills over infinite turns.

She can use excess triggers on the turn loop to tap down flying blockers.

She can realistically cast Nexus on its own in later turns.

This combo works under Rule of Law effects and other common stax, which Derevi works well with.


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