My own personal take on a budget list for Mono-Green Tron. Its main synergy involves using both Ugin, the Ineffable and Mystic Forge simultaneously to cast cheap or free spells directly from topdeck. The remainder of the deck is typical Tron, with these notable exceptions...

1: Myr Battlesphere replaces Wurmcoil Engine as your primary attacker.

2: World Breaker replaces Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger as your Eldrazi with a cast trigger.

3: Sundering Titan becomes your highest-CMC spell in the mainboard.

It flows surprisingly well for a budget deck, and can assemble its combos very quickly.

(Also called Storm Tron by some)


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I've been running this deck on MTGO for a little over a week now, and have been more successful with it than I initially expected, winning roughly 44% of all the games I've played with it thus far. I also entered it in a local FNM-style event, and went 2-2, winning matches against Jund Midrange and a Morophon-Bringer combo deck, and losing matches against Hogaakvine and a different Jund Midrange deck. Full details of the deck and its matchups can be viewed here:


As of this moment, these are all of the edits I have made to the list:


I will continue to monitor and record this deck's progress, and will post updates here as needed.


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