“Nature’s most raw beauty is the circle: perfect in its continuance, with no break between death and life.”

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The original Guild Kits, while being a terrific idea, had a lot of questionable picks, but left out some in-guild cards that would really benefit the kit in question. Not to mention the lack of streamlining - just throwing together a bunch of guild cards doesn't make a synergistic deck, you have to be more selective. So I decided to make my own.

Golgari Kit, as expected, leans heavily into graveyard synergies. Almost everything either adds more cards into the graveyard, works from the graveyard or feeds on it. Can be considered the most skill-testing out of the ten, even topping the Izzet — and, like the Izzet, it was the hardest to build. In mechanically focused decks like these two, the balance between enablers, payoffs and guys loving being in the grave is really hard to grasp, and it's a boon when a card hits at least two of those categories. Still, I'd like to think I've succeeded with this one, managing to create something fairly playable, yet variable enough to facilitate unique games.

Ravenous Chupacabra is the main candidate for alternate art and flavor. Grim Discovery could be used as a budget replacement for Life from the Loam, while Swarm Guildmage can replace Deathrite Shaman.

As always, I am more than happy to provide explanations for any card included (or excluded).


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