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Nekusar’s Deck of Pain and Punishment (no wheels)

Commander / EDH Cruel Control Discard Enchantment UBR (Grixis)



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You draw, you die. (Nekusar, the Mindrazer, Fate Unraveler, Kederekt Parasite, Underworld Dreams, Spiteful Visions, Fevered Visions)

I draw, you die. (Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind and Psychosis Crawler)

You discard, you die. (Megrim, Raiders' Wake, Liliana's Caress)

I discard, you die. (Faith of the Devoted)

You play a land, you die. (Polluted Bonds)

I play a land, you die. (Retreat to Hagra)

You play a creature, you die. (Trespasser's Curse, Blood Seeker)

You attack me, you die. (Revenge of Ravens)

You cast a spell, you discard and die, or just die. (Painful Quandary) And then die some more. (Kaervek the Merciless)

I play enchantments, you discard and die, (Thoughtrender Lamia) and then die some more. (Forgeborn Oreads, Grim Guardian)

You lose life, you die some more. Wound Reflection)

You activate a non mana ability of any artifact, creature, or land you die (Harsh Mentor and Immolation Shaman

This deck will punish you for damn near everything you or I do. Including dying just by entering my upkeep phase. (Palace Siege, Ill-Gotten Inheritance, Subversion)

Or entering your upkeep phase (Mogis, God of Slaughter)

This a no combat, no wheel themed Nekusar deck. All creatures are for abilities only and damn near every other card will punish opponents for anything they or I do. The ways I use to abuse Nekusar’s ability to replace wheels that most people use are ways to make opponents draw more cards are:

Get a number of those into play and it’s damn near a wheel effect every turn. I run a lot of tutors in this deck and the the 1st two cards you’ll want to tutor out is the Leyline of the Void + Web of Inertia combo. This is so you don’t have to deal with opponents creatures. Just keep a counter ready to defend this game winning combo. And if you do need to deal with one or two with nasty abilities tutor out Nin, the Pain Artist and blow it up and force them to draw more. Another card you want to tutor out early on is Elder Mastery and put it on Nekusar or niv Mizzet if he’s out. Mainly for its ability to make opponents discard for every time enchanted creature deals damage they have to discard 2 cards. So for every card they draw they’ll have to discard 2 if it’s attached to Nekusar or discard 2 for every card you draw if it’s attached to niv. You could go an entire game without even bringing Nekusar into play. Hell, since he puts a big target on your head just guarantee your opponents you won’t cast him for the first game. They will still suffer. I built him without wheels simply to challenge myself to make him different than every other Nekusar deck on this site.

The 6 counterspells in this deck should only be used in the event of mass removal, mass bounce spells or Blood Moon, all of which will cripple this deck. You can recover from a little spot removal here and there because there are so many ways to punish in this deck, mass removal will cripple this deck on the other hand so just know what needs to be countered and what doesn’t.


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Exchanged Mind Over Matter for Forced Fruition One of the commenters made me realize with no discard effects the Megrim effects wouldn’t do much. Well with all the extra draw effects plus adding Fruition opponents will definitely be forced to discard during their cleanup step.


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