Let everyone draw cards, and make them think this is a "normal" group hug with a weird commander. Once they feel a false sense of security start dishing out damage for each card they draw and number of cards in their hand.


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1x Dark Deal, 1x Incendiary Command, 1x Whispering Madness, 1x Windfall, 1x Jace's Archivist, 1x Kederekt Parasite, 1x Wheel and Deal, 1x Thought Vessel, 1x Crumbling Necropolis, 1x Exotic Orchard, 1x Grixis Panorama, 1x Reliquary Tower, 1x Smoldering Marsh, 1x Sunken Hollow


1x Bloodfell Caves, 1x Chasm Skulker (MYS1), 1x Dismal Backwater, 1x Folio of Fancies, 1x Infernal Offering, 1x Opal Palace, 1x Price of Knowledge (C13), 1x Radiant Fountain, 1x Rupture Spire, 1x Tempt with Reflections, 1x Tempting Contract, 1x Transguild Promenade, 1x Victory Chimes, 1x Whirlpool Warrior (PC2)


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