Based on the GiantMonsterGames deck Negative Counters - Budget, this is the current deck I play modern with at FNM to confuse the hell out of my opponents. Any feedback is appreciated as I'm always looking for ways to tinker with it.


The deck is sort of a jund midrange/combo deck that involves different synergies and a sideboard to deal with difficult match-ups.

It involves pumping out plenty of tokens with Hapatra, Vizier of Poisons + Nest of Scarabs in the mid game to defend ourselves whilst making our opponent's threats useless with -1/-1 counters and avoiding pesky little flyers thanks to Obelisk Spider having reach.

In the late game cards like Obelisk Spider keep us alive and also chip away at our opponent's life whilst we distribute counters, Necroskitter steals our opponent's threats and Bloodbraid Elf gets us hella value and help flooding the board with key combo pieces.

The combo portion of the deck comes into play when we have at least 2 1/1 tokens of any type on the board, Blowfly Infestation + Nest of Scarabs + Obelisk Spider . Placing one -1/-1 counter onto one of the tokens triggers both Nest of Scarabs + Obelisk Spider creating another token and taking one health off our opponent. When our token dies because its toughness is equal to 0 we move the token onto the other token thanks to Blowfly Infestation which then triggers more tokens, more life loss and goes on as many times as your opponent has life, potentially infinitely. Another cool note is if you've not got a spider but you have more then 1 token generator, you can create infinite tokens and win by going wide.


Stuff to chuck in if you're struggling vs a particular deck in my very limited experience. Duress is just a good, cheap way to deal with an opponent with a stacked hand or you know their key cards. Evil Presence is good to stop opponent's ramping, especially TRON. Hapatra's Mark to help some of your important creatures stick, you've only got a maximum of 4. Tormod's Crypt to deal with Dredge and other fun stuff. Crumbling Ashes if you’re struggling at removing threats, just make sure to swap out your Ammits and Channelers or you may end up doing more harm than good. Finally, Kitchen Finks to help you stay alive vs decks like Burn.


The maybeboard of this deck basically comes from stuff I had lying around I thought synergised quite well with the deck such as Liliana, Death Wielder, as well as some cheap alternatives like Duress in place of Abrupt Decay. Another thing I’ve not got round to trying yet is Scarscale Ritual in place of maybe 2 Scar for some extra help finding those cards you need.


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