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Howdy stranger! You've stumbled onto my first ever competitive deck, so take a minute to read this. The point of the deck is to burn face and reduce the opponents life from 20 to 0 as fast as possible. Here's a list of each card (minus lands) and what their core uses are.

Direct Burn

Boros Charm : The only mode I've been using or see using is the first one. This deck leaves the opponent left with 4 life around turn 4 quit often, and the ability to do 4 damage is incredibly efficient. It's ironic that the very first version of this deck ran four Lightning Strike s instead, isnt it?

Lightning Bolt : spot removel and, of course, burn

Grim Lavamancer : Most decks I see run only one, but with only 18 lands I usually dont have enough open lands to afford more than one activation cost a turn anyway. But it is incredibly powerful with an empty hand, and it plays very well with Light Up the Stage , Bloodstained Mire , and Sunbaked Canyon .

Lava Spike : Just a strictly worse lightning bolt.

Lightning Helix : Very good card for mirror matchups, but at the same time it's just good in general.

Rift Bolt : a delayed lightning bolt. It actually tends to pair nicely with Monastery Swiftspear with such a low mana budget, it's nice to put a spell away for future use. At the same time, it can act as a bit of a stall for the opponent, as they dont want to cast a new target for the bolt.

Searing Blaze : I'll admit, I really didnt want to put this in at first. I was confused as to why people would run this instead of Searing Blood but the ability to deal three damage to a player REGARDLESS of if the creature dies is priceless. Although, it can be hard to land a land drop (see what I did there?)

Skewer the Critics : The original version of this deck was mardu burn, because I wanted to include Bump in the Night in the main board and Rakdos Charm in the sideboard. However, it was too complicated to mana fix for one spell in the main board, and fetching into a shockland was just shooting myself in the foot against mirror matchups, so this was the improvise. Play testing, it seems to work fine. It's not hard to hit the spectle cost, but it dosnt play nice with Monastery Swiftspear when your hand is empty and you only have two lands open. It feels bad not getting the prowess trigger, you know?

Skullcrack : I shouldn't have to say why it's in. Just keep in mind that if you side board in Deflecting Palm against emmakral or tron, dont cast them in the wrong order. That would be an embarrassing facepalm moment when the opponent tells you that you just fizzled your own spell.

And last but not least is the singleton copy of Light Up the Stage : Holy crap. This card is basicly Faithless Looting (which is now banned :[ ) minus the discard. It honestly feels bad only running one copy, but that's all I can find room for. The fact it says until the end of your NEXT turn makes it so spicey, i just love getting an opening hand with it in.

Slap gang

Monastery Swiftspear : if your opponent is wide open, a turn one monastery swift spear turns every lightning bolt into 5 damage collectively thanks to prowess. Not to mention you can pull off some pretty fun combat tricks with it.

Eidolon of the Great Revel : although it hoses us pretty bad, that dosnt matter unless were in a mirror match up. It tends to hit infect and tron nicely though, and it can always be sideboarded out for Kor Firewalker in the event of a mirror matchup. It also is a nice body, and although it dosnt have haste it still tends to get the job done.

Goblin Guide : It's a burn staple. Why wouldn't I put it in? The "downside" tends to be a bit of an upside, as the card has to be revealed. That means you know what is in his/her hand AND we gain information on what deck he/she might be playing.

Sideboard guide

Kor Firewalker : Super fan-frickin-tastic in a mirror matchup. Side board out Skullcrack , you wont be needing it. If the opponent happens to be playing boros too, they will likely side it in as well, so keep that in mind. Protection from red is KEY to making this card so good in a mirror game.

Rest in Peace : Shuts down dredge and storm, and any other graveyard based strategy. Storm is especially scary, as it can easily put this consistent 4 to 5 turn burn deck on a 3 turn clock. Again, I wouldn't know what to sideboard out, probably Grim Lavamancer and one Monastery Swiftspear .

Skullcrack : It's probably a bad idea to only main deck 3, but I needed room for Grim Lavamancer

Smash to Smithereens : Great card all around, side board in against Chalice of the Void or Witchbane Orb . Its a great 2 for 1 in those situations. Depending on the deck your matched against, side out Skullcrack . Obviously if they are playing heavy life gain, dont do that.

Rampaging Ferocidon : I'm not sure about this one. It's a very nice 3/3 body with evasion, and it prevents life gain. However, it is also 3 to cast. Now, I know soul sisters is not a tier one deck, but imagine pulling this out in a game like that! But seriously, I cut 2 Path to Exile 's and Deflecting Palm to fit this in my side board.

Wear / Tear : takes care of Leyline of Sanctity , Chalice of the Void , and a whole slew of other burn hate artifacts/enchantments.

One last question: should I cut 1 Rest in Peace and 1 Smash to Smithereens to make room for 2 Path to Exile s in the side board? I'm rather torn on this issue.

Remember to upvote if you like it, and tell me if I'm missing anything. I posted this deck because I'm asking for help on improving, so dont forget to comment your ideas to improve, or comment just to tell me I'm doing good! Thanks stranger!


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