Under da sea! Under da sea! Corpses are better Down where it's wetter Take it from me

Fill up the graveyard and turn Araumi sideways to give some scary stuff an Encore. This deck runs on primarily smaller ETBS and death triggers with a couple of bigger bomb effects that scale really well with Encore. Use a variety of yard filling and reanimation effects to get your creatures out and kicking

The Maybe Board are all cards that I own and would consider my primary pool of potential switch-ups.

A mixture of theft, counter spells, wheels, and other forms of hate/stax

  • Agent of Treachery

  • Ashiok, Dream Render Mill ourselves, hate out opponents' graveyards, and prevent tutoring/fetching

  • Crawlspace Mostly in this deck to act as a deterrent to wide boards. Still leaves me vulnerable to a couple of large creatures. Slightly easier to cast than Propaganda . Currently removed for play-testing, but may find its way back if needed.

  • Bojuka Bog Graveyard hate

  • Dark Deal

  • Hullbreacher Hamper repeatable draw, or turn Wheel effects into a lot of treasures.

  • Jace's Archivist A repeatable Windfall . Brutal with Tergrid, God of Fright  

  • Mana Drain Counter and have some mana available next turn. Especially helpful if we are milling lands and ramp away

  • Mesmeric Orb A mill engine for this deck and a tempo disruptor for decks that do not utilize their graveyard and do not have any reanimation effects.

  • Muddle the Mixture The versatility of having a tutor stapled to a counter spell

  • Saw It Coming Counter spell that can be stashed away from Wheels

  • Stifle A niche, but useful counter. Can be used to counter the end step trigger on Encore, or help protect your Graveyard against things like Bojuka Bog

  • Tergrid, God of Fright   A card I'm very excited to see play out irl. I think she pairs nicely with the various wheeling and sac removal in this deck. She also acts as a deterrent to the Wheels and Aristocrat decks in my meta.

  • Tree of Perdition Encoring this is hilarious on paper. This is more-so tech against life-gain strats. Everybody has a plan til they're suddenly dropped to 13 life.

  • Whispering Madness

  • Windfall

A variety of combo lines in the deck to achieve infinite self-mill and infinite mana

I'll continue play testing, but here are a few cards I would consider main-boarding at some point

The Maybe Board on this page are all cards I currently own, and will likely play test at some point.

The linked deck-list below is a more extensive list that used to be my Maybe Board. Some of the cards in that list are currently in main-board.

Araumi's Maybe List


Updates Add

Trying out some cards after watching some more gameplays & checking through my binders. Taking out Panharmonicon and Cavalier of Night to test out Black Market and Lazotep Plating . Will probably pull 1 land or an untapping creature, likely Aphetto Alchemist , for Ravenform .

Panharmonicon didn't hit the table often, but might make its way back. I envisioned it being a back-up Araumi, if she gets hated out enough times, or if I have less than 3 opponents.. Cavalier of Night was rough to cast, especially when I already have a similarly costed Massacre Wurm , that does more when it ETBs. Cavalier was part of a combo loop with Glasspool Mimic  Flip and a sac outlet. Assembling the combo didn't feel super consistent, and wasn't the primary focus of the deck.

I play in a fairly creature-heavy meta, so Black Market should always have a couple charge counters on it. Lazotep Plating for some board protection. Once I find a slot, Ravenform would be ideal for broadening my suite of answers and removal.

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