I was playing Sauron, the Dark Lord on Arena, and I found that the most exciting thing in the deck was stacking Nazgul triggers. Each Nazgul's trigger goes off separately whenever the Ring tempts you, so if it happens while you have, say, four Nazgul out, each one gets +4/+4. My goal became to get all nine out at once, but that was really hard, so I cheated and just started making copies of Nazgul instead.

So this is the Lord of the Nazgul's Wraith army, along with some twenty ways to copy those Wraiths.

There's also a kind of cantrip sub-theme, because the deck's biggest weakness is it needs at least one of the Nine out to work properly. These cheap draw/dig spells help me find Nazgûl, and they synergize nicely with the Commander's ability to make Wraiths whenever I play an instant or sorcery.

In rode the Lord of the Nazgûl. A great black shape against the fires beyond he loomed up, grown to a vast menace of despair. In rode the Lord of the Nazgûl, under the archway that no enemy ever yet had passed, and all fled before his face...

"Old fool! This is my hour. Do you not know Death when you see it? Die now and curse in vain!"


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