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God/Warrior Token Tribal V2. The Idea was to take all the gods and do something cool. Most of the cards have some kind of flavor attached to them and I really wanted to keep everything in theme but it didn't completely happen. I think I made 16 different iterations of this deck to start because I wanted it to do so much but at the end of the day I still wanted it to be able to interact with the board and win. Najeela,the Blade-Blossom is your power house and constant protection for your life. Plays like a Token Deck to Protect your Gods and Enchantments until you can swing or nuke. The theme is that everyone is creating false idols of the God's and trying to become God's themselves. You can embalm them from the graveyard and make tokens and use Mirror Gallery and Helm of the Host to get around the legend rule. Lots of ways to make tokens and a few ways to turn your God's into tokens and make a lot of coppies

The main goal of this deck is to build a lot of tokens.

All of the gods that make tokens Awakening Zone and From Beyond act to both make tokens and mana with can be used depending on the situation. And of course I added Anointed Procession and Parallel Lives to maximize the effect, as well as Doubling Season

The Three Big Win Conditions I find I will be using the most are

  1. Purphoros, God of the Forge its a big obvious one and the easiest to pull off. You can also make it bigger with Helm of the Host
  2. Overwhelm with tokens and use all the buffs from the archetypes and the gods. Sort of a strength reward for their obedience to the gods.
  3. Ultimate Najeela,the Blade-Blossom and possible go infinite
The Secret win is to use Spawnsire of Ulamog and cast all the side boarded Eldrazi. I wanted the Titans to be in the deck because they're Gods in their own plane. This way there is a mana sink for token production, a win condition and flavor without messing with the main focus of the deck. It can also go infinite with tokes really easily and use them to sac for the ULT.

Other Notable Combos



69% Casual

31% Competitive