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Commander / EDH Superfriends


The decks name is what we want to ask our opponents every time we sit down to the table.

A five color super friends deck that uses Najeela to generate an early board state & attack in when we don't have any walkers out early enough to get enough tokens to leave the tokens up to block for planeswalkers later.

This used to be a Ramos super friends deck, but after some recent play testing I've found that Najeela fits the bill better.

Ramos does generate a ton of mana on one turn, but becomes fairly moot in the late game other than swinging tall in the air. I can not count how many times that I've had Ramos out on turn 10+ with a lot of lands and no planeswalkers out. In that scenario Ramos can't do much & I'm purely relying on my top decks.

With Najeela out in the same situation I can pump all that mana into Najeela to create additonal combat steps.

The cards that get better with Najeela being the commander vs Ramos are Doubling Season, Dovin, Grand Arbiter, & Tamiyo, Field Researcher. Of course we also have Derevi in the deck for the two card win-con.

Our main game plan though is to win through pure attrition. Almost all of our planeswalkers come down the turn after Najeela and have some form of evasion to give to whether it be making her bigger/giving her a keyword or by just simply tapping down an opponents blocker that could potentially kill her.

We're not running board wipes due to Najeela, but we do have back up plans to stop our walkers from being killed. Constant Mists, Teferi's Protection & the infamous Cyclonic Rift are all amazing in their own right.

However, our three opponents most likely have a board wipe or two up their sleeve and most Najeela decks suffer after a board wipe trying to rebuild. We do have instant speed protection for board wipes if we happen to have it in hand.

Board wipes don't actually hurt this build as much as normal Najeela builds though and that because once the field gets wiped we pivot from our Najeela plan to our super friends plan.

A couple of Planeswalkers hitting the field w/ no creatures and presumably no creatures hitting them for a couple turns is a hell of game changer.

Usually by the time they have built up their board enough to try and kill one of Planeswalkers, we'll already have Najeela back out AND will have the mana to activate her a time or two.

We also have a small land recursion sub theme with crucible of worlds working with Wrenn & Six and Lord Windgrace. It ensures we're constantly hitting our land drops and actually helps feed Constant Mists if we need it.

Something I wasn't expecting when I first started to play test with Najeela as the commander is that some of my opponents will actually not swing into my planeswalkers due to them wanting to block Najeela.

This deck has morphed a few times over the last couple of years & I'm always looking for ways to make it better.


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