In the era of free phoenixes and aethervial.dec, can we force a bunch of really Naya fair stuff into a Nahiri shell and expect to get anywhere? The answer is almost, which is more than my other brews can say!

This deck began as a deckbuilding exercise to force Tarmogoyf into a Naya shell. Goyf likes discard, but he loves looting. There's a beast of a Planeswalker at 4 cmc with a +2 that loots, so Nahiri and Faithless Looting were easy 4 ofs. Instead of going the bauble route, I decided to run Coursers for the extra type line and the benefits to filtering our topdecks and making the heavy fetch shock mana less painful. Lots of instant speed removal later, I found I can reliably turn on Delirium real quick, so Traverse the Ulvenwald also made the cut. With 3 copies of Traverse, you better believe we filled the rest of the deck with proven silver bullets. Shell is quite flexible, has Jund-tier topdecking, and is excellent at responding to changing roles.

This deck doesn't fear blood moon. It doesn't fear most creatures decks. Naya sideboard is fantastic, so once it's settled against the local meta I expect the deck to perform.

Will detail playstyle and valuable cards per matchup once I get a sample size of 30+ matches.

Current results:

Naya Nahiri v1.0 - 1-0 GW Devoted Combo - 0-1 UR Phoenix - 0-1 Amulet Titan - 1-0 Humans - 1-0 Infect - 1-0 GDS - 1-0 BR midrange - 0-1 G Tron - 0-1 GB Rock (serious misplays, feels like a 60-40 matchup) - 0-1 Eldrazi Tron


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