Mystical Teachings is a Modern control archetype based around using the card Mystical Teachings as an engine to generate insane card advantage.

When playing this deck, your goal is to drag the game out by throwing as many wrenches in your opponent's plan as possible. A smorgasbord of low cost counters and removal are at your disposal for this: Disfigure Doom Blade Echoing Truth Tribute to Hunger Go for the Throat Path to ExileMana LeakSmotherSpell Pierceand Spell Snare

Assuming you've made it to midgame, this is where the teachings become mystical. You should have enough mana to respond to any threats with either a card in your hand or something you tutor up with Mystical Teachingsin response. Once you see an opening, let loose withTeferi, Mage of Zhalfirto shut your opponent out of the game. Now that you have him, you can play any spell you want without fear. You can even tutor upWurmcoil Enginesince he has flash now!


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