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Myst3ri0's Golgari Corrupted Ramp

Pauper BG (Golgari) Pauper Ramp Rock


Hi everyone!

Here you have my casual build of Golgari Ramp. My inspiration for this deck comes from my old "little boy" dream of playing a ramp deck that works to build big swamp base and abuse cards like Corrupt and Tendrils of Corruption.

The best of Green and Black working together baby!

Please send your impressions, comments or experiences playing the deck to maybe improve this strategy with time and more feedback. Thanks in advance.

The game plan is to build up your mana base with Sakura Tribe Elder and Yavimaya Granger (that die in the process) along with Evolving Wilds and Terramorphic Expanse, returning them from your graveyard with Grim Discovery for further ramping.

Creatures profit of ramped mana, displaying big and valuable creatures, that whether draw you cards (Llanowar Visionary, Sarulf Packmate), give you Monarch (Entourage of Trest) or Cascade (Annoyed Altisaur).

The removal will help you stall the game until you get your big game going. Here you found four copies of Chainer's Edict, four copies of Tendrils of Corruption and four copies Corrupt (That act as removal, gain you life and serve as finisher also).

Big Corrupts will also grow our life total so (if needed) we can finish our opponent with resurrected rats for a few hits.

I don't suggest sideboard cards because is very depending on your local meta, but i stongly recomend discard (maybe Duress and a pair of copies of Raven's Crime) because "big card" decks always suffer from countermagic.

I hope your have big fun with this deck, especially if your are a fan of playing big cards and ramping big like myself.

If you liked the deck, i invite you to read my blog dedicated to deckbuilding and especifically to Pauper Format. See you there: https://myst3ri0spauperbrews.blogspot.com


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