This deck has been created alongside my friend, Joey :D

Myristocrats is a fast, creature-based combo deck centered around Myr Servitor. The plan is to recur them using its own ability and sac outlets like Viscera Seer, and use that to trigger Disciple of the Vault or Reckless Fireweaver for damage.

An important tip for anyone trying to give this a shot: abuse Myr Servitor's ability in response to its trigger. Assuming all 4 of them are on the field, rather than getting 3 triggers and leaving one to bring the rest back, you can wait till they each trigger on upkeep. Respond to the triggers by sacing the rest of them to your outlet, then let the trigger resolve. Rinse and repeat, and you end up with 12 triggers for your payoff card!


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With the first edit, we're trying to focus in on the combo and less on having decent synergies. To do this, we're cutting tap lands faster mana, adding more draw/dig, and adding resilience. It's all listed below.

OUT: 4x Bloodfell Caves 3x Terminate 1x Bloodthrone Vampire 1x Disciple of the Vault 1x Reckless Fireweaver 3x Kuldotha Rebirth

IN: 1x Swamp 1x Mountain 3x Lotus Petal 1x Night's Whisper 2x Stinkweed Imp 3x Undying Evil 2x Pyrite Spellbomb


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