Hey You!

Yeah You!

I see you walking into the unknown mystery pool of commander. I know what you want. I see you folk all the time. You stick out like Old maid in a bowl of popcorn. You can't hide your intentions from me.

You're a Timmy!

And Commander decks aren't enough for you. No Sharuum the Hegemon or Meren of clan new toth for you. You wanna go full Creature beatdown. Mono Green!

"EH but they all are so boring. Yeva, Nature's Herald is overplayed! Yisan Chord is too toolbox-ee. Ezuri, Renegade Leader is too themed. I've seen them all"

You're a Johnny too? Ohhhh. I have the goodstuff. It's a secret not many people know about. There's only one other deck I know of. But I trust you. This ones spicy.

The deck

Myojin of Life's Web has a couple of hoops to jump through to make him work. Which is why I believe he's on the list of Unplayable commanders

She cost ten, She doesn't gain his ability if you cast her from the command zone, And her ability is kinda win more. However with a competent build and a good grasp of these problems, we can build the deck around his problems and build a component and actual good deck that can tackle most challenges thrown at it.

Let's tackle each problem separately.

She cost ten mana

No problem. We're in Green! Green! Ten mana isn't cheap but all we have to do is double down on ramp. Cultivate, Three Visits , Nature's Lore, Shaman of Forgotten Ways , Tempt with Discovery. And mana doublers like Vernal Bloom and Extraplanar Lens. Ramp is ramp and when your commander cost ten mana, you run it all. Ten mana is done in no time.

She doesn't gain her ability if you cast her from the command zone

There's a couple way around this. One is bouncy castle stuff. Temur Sabertooth and Roaring Primadox are creatures which is important because we also have the best creature tutors. Worldly Tutor, Sylvan Tutor, Survival of the Fittest. We also have Erratic Portal because Erratic Portal.

Of course if we have a bouncy castle theme. Why not play good ETB creatures? Terastodon, Acidic Slime, Woodfall Primus, Bane of Progress, Avenger of Zendikar, Eternal Witness. And why not play the newest commander staple Panharmonicon?

We can also sidestep the command zone entirely. Now there's only one way to do this. Command Beacon. So we run all the ways to find it. (Tempt with Discovery) and Crucible of Worlds which also means we can play Strip Mine and Wasteland because sometimes people need to be forced to play fair

Her Ability is win more

Yes and no. Myojin of Life's Web is great when you have a hand full of creatures but not so great with an empty hand. So we make sure we never have one. Soul of the Harvest and selvala, heart of the wild draw all the cards while also working well with Myojin's ability. Regal Force allows you to restock after a Myojin ability.

Her ability also gets around wraths. Wraths are the achilles heel of the mono green deck. You can play stuff like Praetor's Counsel and Seasons Past get around this but you still have to cast them. Orrrrrrr you can use Myojin's ability to automatically restock and attack for the win.

This deck is a Timmy's dream but is a commander that is highly underrated. I don't think this is the best build with Myojin at the helm but it shows the direction and ideas you can explore with him. She definitely shouldn't be an unplayable commander. And next time you're sick of seeing Meren or Atraxa for the ump-millionth time, Pick up Myojin. She won't let you down.

Big thanks to everyone that made suggestions to this deck but most specifically to Phaetion. They made the only other myojin deck (Well the only other one on EDHREC.) You can check out his deck here


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