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Bell Borca + LandFall = Deece?

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Since Zendikar Rising released, I found out it's actually viable to make a Boros Landfall type deck! White and Colorless have plenty of options to put extra lands down, and Red and White have a ton of payoffs for it.

The general strategy is to build a wide board of tokens with token generators that all mostly trigger off ETBs and Landfall effects, while also pumping them up with +1/+1 counters with landfall effects. I flicker these creatures to put more tokens and lands on the field to bolster my attacks. There are also plenty of ways for Bell Borca to see many exile targets whether its from my field/deck or my opponents.

This is just the first draft of this deck, so this idea/deck hasn't been perfected just yet, but I'm working on it.


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