U/B Ninjas for MTG Arena! Now we're getting into the nitty-gritty! 83c Being a ninja lion myself, I had to make such a deck the moment the new set came out! A shame that there aren't any R/W Ninjas out there for me to put together... Would benefit my sona's colours more. lol But oh, well! Doesn't change how much I love these badass creatures! With Silver-Fur Master to boost the power of my Ninjas and Satoru Umezawa to capitalize on utilizing Ninjutsu effectively - and even that is something I still need a bit more practice with - and Kaito Shizuki at the ready, I've got a good arsenal of Ninjas to bring more cards to my hand and fast! >:D I love Moonsnare Specialist and how she can just push back some unneeded competition! Multiple times if I use Ninjutsu correctly! Also if I've got life to spare, the adorably awesome Nashi, Moon Sage's Scion can help me employ some potential cards from my opponent's deck if not my own! And oh, man, is Rogue Glass ever a good Enchantment for Ninjas! Why rely on my own Ninjas all the time when I can just employ my opponent's creatures on demand as Ninjas themselves? ;3c


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