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Attempt at really making a deck. I was trying to mirror the G/W aggro decks that have been doing well in the Star City tournaments, but I only wanted to use the cards I already had and nothing from the Ravnica block. I would like to get more Fleecemane Lion and I would also like to get Boon Satyr to replace Spirespine , but the Ajani Steadfast are a little pricey for me right now. Any suggestions and feedback would be much appreciated. Thanks.


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So I went to my first FNM with My G/W aggro attempt deck.

Before I went I was able to pick up a couple more cards to try to make the deck work. I got 2 more Fleecemane Lion to make a total of 4. I got 4x Boon Satyr to for better 3 mana drops, and I got Call of the Conclave and Vitu-Ghazi Guildmage because I thought they could synergize well together. I also got Selesnya Charm becuase they work well and were cheaper than I imagined them being. I thought the deck was looking good, but not great. I still didnt have Ajani, Caller of the Pride, Voice of Resurgence, or Advent wurm which are all very strong cards for the deck. I show up with my roommates at the store where we have been going for FNM not expecting much. We usually have 5 rounds, and I thought I might go 2-3 for the night, but I was expecting to have more fun than success.

My first match of the night was against a U/G deck that used a lot of the evolve mechanic and put counters on things. The first game my opponent had some mana issues and I won fairly easily. The second game however was much more exciting my opponent was able to get out more blockers, survive and do a good amount of damage to me, while getting out a Kruphix, God of Horizons and a Kiora, the Crashing Wave emblem. However thanks to Vitu-Ghazi Guildmage I was able to make about 6 copies of my Armada Wurm token and was able to trample through for a 2-0 win.

My second match of the night placed me against a Jund monsters deck. The first game I won, and even though my opponent didn't mention it, I think it was because he was having mana issues. He started the game with a Mana Confluence and didn't play any more actually lands until about turn 6, but he was able to get out several Elvish Mystic and a Sylvan Caryatid to help with his mana. The second I lost mostly due to mana issues. I made the mistake of keeping a hand that only had 1 Plains and then didn't find another land until about turn 7. After that I decided that I wouldn't keep a hand unless it had at least 2 lands, 1 of each color. The third game was much closer. Neither of us had mana issues and my opponent was able to get onto the battlefield 2x Polukranos, World Eater, a Stormbreath Dragon, and a Xenagos, the Reveler. I was able to draw 2 Banishing Light and a Selesnya Charm to remove most of his threats, used my Soldier of the Pantheon and his protection from multicolored to block against Xenagos Satyr tokens, and was eventually able to push through enough damage to win the game. With that 2-1 match victory I was 2-0 for the night.

Match 3 was against a R/W aggro tokens deck that was largely based around Assemble the Legion. I think my favorite play of this game and maybe even the night was when my opponent used three life to use his lands and play Boros Reckoner which I immediately exiled with Banishing Light on my next turn. Fun games, fun opponent, and I was able to win the match in 2 games which made me 3-0 for the night. Better than I had ever expected.

My fourth match was against one of my roommates. Of my 3 roommates, he is the one who has spent the most time and easily the most money building decks. He usually finishes in the top 8 of our FNM, which usually gets about 25 people, and that night he was playing R aggro based around Goblin Rabblemaster. I was ready for a fight. But, I never really got one. For some reason, in both games, he decided to keep a starting hand that only had 1 land in it and while that did allow him to do a few things like playing Legion Loyalist, Bloodrush on Rubblebelt Maaka and a couple of other one mana drops he just couldn't keep up and I ended up winning the match in 2 games, putting me all the way up to 4-0, so far, on the night.

Right before the final round the other player who had until then gone 4-0 came up to me and suggested that we draw in the round 5 to guarantee ourselves the top 2 places for the night and the top 2 prizes for the night. My opponent was to be, arguably the best player that regularly attends FNM at the store, and even though I was 4-0 I was still lacking confidence in my own deck, so I quickly took the draw and we decided to play some friendly matches instead. U/W Control was the deck I ended up playing against, and losing too. My opponent was able to out play me in 2 games and even finished the final game with a Jace, Architect of Thought ultimate ability. After the matches I talked with my opponent and was able to learn a lot from him about not over extending, and strategies of when best to Flash in creatures.

Overall it was a great night. I was able to say that I went 4-0-1, and thanks to a lucky roll of the dice, went home with the top prize of 8 Japanese M15 Booster Packs, from which I pulled a Chandra, Pyromaster.


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