This badass deck is a fast Black / White aggro Vampire deck that utilizes consistent life gain from Light of Hope and/or Rest for the Weary and Lifelink from the vampires. The life gain can act like burn spells due to Vito, Thorn of the Dusk Rose and provide major bonuses to your creatures (preferably Indulging Patrician or in a pinch, Vampire of the Dire Moon) that are enchanted with Light of Promise.

When he is out, Sorin, Imperious Bloodlord can assist well by providing a permanent +1/+1 to your chosen vampire and temporarily adding death touch and lifelink to it if the vampire doesn't already have it. Sorin can also sacrifice a smaller vampire (typically one of the 1-2 CMC vampires) to boost the vampires enchanted with Light of Promise you own by +3/+3, all while adding 3 to your life total, and dealing 3 damage to your opponent (6 if Vito is out or 9+ if Patrician(s) are out as well). Lastly, Sorin can help get other Vampires out without paying their Mana costs, allowing you to spend Mana on more potential life gain.

The sideboard options were chosen to try and shut down other decks that the vampires seem to struggle with. If you need to reach for the sideboard, the recommended cards to swap out are Fountain of Renewals and maybe 1 Vito.

Elixir of Immortality is great against certain control / mill type decks.

Grafdigger's Cage is great for certain reanimation decks or flashback cards.

Anguished Unmaking is a great general removal card for this deck because the 3 life cost is negligible when compared to the potential life gain that the rest of the deck provides. This one can be used to help get rid of those pesky anti-life gain cards and creatures as well.

Knight of the Ebon Legion is a replacement for Shadow Alley Denizen if you are playing against a black and/or artifact deck.


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