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Akiri & Tymna Artifact Aggro

Casual RBW (Mardu)


Akiri and Tymna lead my artifact aggro deck. This deck is fast, hits hard, and doesn't stop easily. I'm always tinkering with the build. This current version needed to have Embercleave in it so I leaned into equipment and going wide a little more than previous builds. I love moving cards in and out with each set.

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+1 Alibou, Ancient Witness main
-1 Ancient Tomb main
-1 Angel of Invention main
+1 Arcbound Shikari main
+1 Boros Charm main
+1 Bronze Guardian main
-1 Burnished Hart main
-1 Clifftop Retreat main
-1 Crystalline Giant main
+1 Digsite Engineer main
-1 Dragonskull Summit main
+1 Drossforge Bridge main
+1 Esper Sentinel main
+1 Fabled Passage main
-1 Gadrak, the Crown-Scourge main
+1 Goldmire Bridge main
+1 Goldspan Dragon main
+1 Grim Hireling main
-1 Ichor Wellspring main
-1 Isolated Chapel main
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