So this is a really fun (and cheap!) deck to play that I built a while back - it basically removes all opposing creatures from the board so you can shank them to death with all your low-power creatures.

It's got a cool assassin/back alley theme to it, which I really like. It's built around the Royal Assassin + Icy Manipulator combo. There are four of each in the deck and if you can get a few out, it works like a charm.

And almost everything has deathtouch, which means attacking every turn to try and bait out blockers. You often lose your creatures with this deck, but who cares, because you can cast more quickly and remove whatever else the opponent throws out.

And it's pretty fast for a black deck too, which is super sweet. And with some moderate lifegain, it's pretty much a beast overall.

The weaknesses in this deck, though, are obviously against anything indestructible/decks that aren't creature-based. I mean, really any burn spell can take most of the creatures in this deck out. Which sucks, but you just have to bait those out and play everything when you can, and attack ruthlessly.

So, any suggestions are welcome!


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Decided to take out Ruthless Ripper as well, and replace them with 2 more Hired Poisoner s. I've only used Ripper's morph ability once or twice before, and if that's not used it's just a 1/1 with deathtouch. And plus it costs 3 mana for the morph, and you have to reveal a card from your hand, so I'd rather just have two more 1-drop deathtouch cards that I can get out quickly.


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