This deck is my attempt at a 5-color deck with a focus on multicolored synergy. I included most of the convergance and sunburst cards.

As for budgeting the deck, I tried to keep it around the $100 mark. I avoided cards that cost around $10+ to keep the deck from getting too expensive.


I included all the three-color Taplands, all the vivid lands, all the life-gain taplands and all the bounce lands. The deck has a pretty unconventional mana base. I quite like using bounce lands to recharge vivids and gain extra life with gain lands. There is the worry that the mana base is too slow, having almost every land enter tapped as well as them get bounced.
Utility includes the removal, counterspells, combat tricks, card draw, life gain and recursion. I chose charms as my main source of counterspells and removal because of their versatility and multicoloredness.
This section includes mana rocks and ramp spells. I picked ramp that looks for multiple colors and mana rocks that provide multiple colors. A synergy that most people don't realize happens between convergence spells and Fist of Suns/Jodah, Archmage Eternal. You can use the two to cast convergence spells like Painful Truths for more colors than their CMC would usually allow.
I usually build decks on a pretty steep budget so this isn't my forte. Tutors that focus on multicolored cards are more within my price range, so I included two of them in this deck.
Multicolored Morons are creatures I included because they are multicolored. I chose creatures that were good value for their low CMC, taking advantage of having the colors to play them. I included creatures with lots of colors to trigger Ramos.
Multicolored cards are the theme of the deck, and cards in this section give you benefits for playing them. Convergence and sunburst cards aren't in this section because they don't benefit multicolored cards, they just take advantage of having all 5 colors.

Notable Exclusions

Niv-Mizzet Reborn - Because the main goal of the deck is to cast spells with lots of colors, there aren't a huge amount of 2 color spells. Niv IV only searches for cards that specifically contain color pairs, so he wasn't included.

Conflux ability Creatures - I didn't include any of the creatures in the Dragonsoul Knight cycle because they don't take advantage of any of the multicolored synergy or Ramos.

Thanks for checking out my deck! Tips and suggestions are greatly appreciated.


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