Multani, Maro Sorcerer grouphug deck designed to make the game fun and fast!


A quick rundown of the deck..

My idea with this deck was to create a build that kept hands full across the table and let us stay one step ahead of our opponents. If we look towards the "custom categories" sorting of the deck, we'll see that this deck excels in ramp, draw and group hug spells and abilities.

1. Be "Mr. Nice Guy"

Best way I've found to start the game is with an opening hand full of cards people like to see. Some people might not like the sight of a Howling Mine turn 2 but for everyone loves a Rites of Flourishing turn 3. You may be thinking, why would I want my opponents to play extra lands? Aren't I 3-for-1'ing myself? You're right, you absolutely are..for maybe 1 or 2 turns. Soon, you will be drawing more cards and playing more lands then you know what to do with! Because of this draw, it's nice to have a card like Thought Vessel or Venser's Journal handy.

2. Keep the pressure off of you.

This is where being Mr. Nice Guy comes in handy, people like drawing cards and playing their decks, which is why they will hesitate to attack you. Sure, they know you have a 40/40 general ready to come out attack but you're not the threat right now, are you? Of course not. Take this time to draw into the tools you'll need to quickly take care of opponents: Yeva, Nature's Herald or Concordant Crossroads will let you attack with Multani before your opponents can react and remember that Multani usually needs trample to one-shot opponents! Use cards like Nylea, God of the Hunt or Brawn to assure that damage can go through.

3. No more Mr. Nice Guy.

Besides his incredible power, Multani has another great ability, shroud. Shroud is what makes Multani more than just your average big beatstick, once he's here, he's here to stay. While he cannot be the target of spells or abilities, we can still use abilities such as Rishkar's Expertise to draw a buttload of cards before combat.

Hypothetically, in a 4-man pod, Multani's power will be around 20 at any given time. Rishkar's Expertise now reads "draw cards equal to the number of cards in all players hands". That 20 now becomes 40 and you've just drawn 20 CARDS for 6 MANA. You should now have all the gas you need to end the game. By now, you should be taking care of business and probably causing some hate so it's good to start prioritizing threats since Multani becomes weaker as more opponents are killed off.

Suggestions, comments and +1's are always appreciated!


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