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Muldrotha, the Fun for the Whole Family

Commander / EDH BUG (Sultai) Combo Goodstuff Infinite Combo




Muldrotha in my opinion is by far the best graveyard commander of them all. She allows for so many combos that are busted and out of the ordinary. When I was making this deck I wanted to build it unlike any other graveyard deck. I have many strange interactions in the deck that really give it it's own personality. With cards like Second Chance allowing me to keep taking turns as long as I have a low life total. With this deck I tried to add some janky combos that people don't usually know about. The deck may have some janky combos in it. but don't take that as a down side as this deck is completely capable of playing the commander early and letting the value take over quickly through unique combos as you can find below. This deck is here for the early game, mid game, and most definitely the late game if it has to come to it. The deck is filled with value around every corner and aims to utilize it in the best way possible.

The reason why I named the deck “fun for the whole family” is because there have been multiple times at college when I play with my friend group that I win +6 player games without anyone being able to really stop me which is very surprising because I don’t run any counter magic anymore or much protection either. The deck is extremely resilient in metas with lots of removal and boardwipes as it can quite easily rebuild. There have been multiple times where someone plays Armageddon and the next turn I’m able to replay all of my lands by sacing World Shaper .


Opening hand: - Lion's Eye Diamond - Lotus Petal - Command Beacon - Kaya's Ghostform - Viscera Seer - Stitcher's Supplier - The last card can be anything

Turn 1: Play Command beacon and cast lotus petal and LED. Crack both the beacon and LED and choose to put Muldrotha into the bin.

Turn 2: Top deck reanimate. Crack lotus petal for B and reanimate Muldrotha. Then play LED as artifact for turn and crack it for BBB. Use one B for Viscera Seer and another for Kaya’s Ghostform and let the last B float. Sac Muldrotha to the seer. Because this is a new instance of Muldrotha you can play a new set of permanents. Use the floating B to recast Kaya’s Ghostform. Recast LED. Crack LED for BBB. Play stitcher’s Supplier. Continue looping LED and Kaya’s Ghostform for infinite mana and keep recasting and sacing the supplier to get 6X cards from your deck into your graveyard where X is the number of times the supplier is cast and killed.




  • Animate Dead : Great way to cheat creatures in for just two mana.

  • Reanimate : Useful 1 drop to bring combo pieces back to life.

  • Defense of the Heart : Turns everything to arch enemy real quick.

  • Pernicious Deed : Recursive board wipes are totally fair.

  • Hermit Druid : Very easy to fill the yard with dead things.

  • Lion's Eye Diamond : Pretty obvious...

  • Realms Uncharted : One card that gives you a combo.

  • Spellseeker : So many great 1 and 2 drop instant and sorcery cards to grab.

  • Spore Frog : I think they meant spore fog.

  • World Shaper : SO MANY LANDS!!!

  • River Kelpie : Gets so much card draw even without Mike.

  • Eternal Witness : Brings whatever back allowing for lots and lots of boardwipes.

  • Lotus Petal : Lion's Eye Diamond's little brother.

  • Flash : This card has lots of potential at instant speed. The obvious being the Hulk, but that's not all that this card can do. It could also instant speed enable my infinite turns combo by flashing out Doom Whisperer then paying life until 5 or below.

  • Intuition : This card allows me to instant speed grab pieces to a combo and set myself up for a win out of nowhere.

  • Yarok, the Desecrated : thank you wizards for giving the best color combination there is even more support to help with making creature based removal and reanimation enchantments even better.



  • Mana Vortex : More land destruction with very little downside.

  • Necromancy : This card has lots of potential to provide tons of value at instant speed or just another way to bring back any creature in any graveyard.


  • Tatyova, Benthic Druid : The card was usually either just sitting in my hand doing nothing, or if I did get any value from it, it wasn't much.

  • Noxious Gearhulk : The Gearhulk is usually out performed by other cheaper removal options and the life gain is usually irreverent.

  • Mindslaver : While the card can work really well in the deck from my experience by the time I could actually get this to work I could've already won with another combo. Whenever the spell resolves the table just groans and no one really enjoys it.



If you have any reccomendations to add to the deck please leave them below and if you like what you see please +1 it!


Updates Add

Yarok, the Desecrated just got previewed and I immediately knew he had a home in this deck. He makes many cards like Mulldrifter or Stitcher's Supplier just become so amazing when he is out. He also makes both Sidisi, Undead Vizier and Sidisi, Brood Tyrant super great allowing to mill more and allowing two tutors instead of one. Lastly Animate Dead and Necromancy become even more amazing allowing you to bring back two creatures instead of one. I did decide to remove Lotus Vale as it requires me to sac 4 lands instead of 2 if he is out.


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