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Sac N Snatch? The goal of this deck is to sacrifice, self mill, cycle and discard to get what you need. The Sacrificing works excellent with your graveyard being your second hand. From making others sacrifice or multiplying how many zombie tokens you have/sacrificing zombies to pull other creatures from your graveyard reactivating ETB effects. Multiple counters for those pesty graveyard removal cards. Cards to grab instants out of the graveyard to counter that big weakness as well. Opponent's getting ahead on the board? use Ashiok to exile opponents graveyards and sacrifice everything, then use multiple ways of tutor to grab "Living Death" from either the graveyard or your libary. At first I didn't want to make this deck too rude/not fun to play against but I couldn't help it, its just that. People will hate you so be prepared for that. ;)


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