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Muldrotha Historic Brawl/Lotleth OTK

Commander / EDH* BUG (Sultai) Mill Sacrifice



Muldrotha Commander made for MTG Arena. Cards and combos like the Gitrog Monster+Underrealm Lich can quickly turn your deck into a discard pile, or if opponent foolishly attacks while Angel of Suffering is in play. Mesmeric Orb is strong discard filler. Prime Speaker Vannifar, Gravebreaker Lamia, Oriq Loremage, and Fiend Artisan makes summoning specific cards easy. Syr Konrad the Grim is often a win condition, and punishes decks that exile graveyards. Lotleth Giant can often KO and is funny, can hit twice with Thassa. Lotleth is underrated, this list is very creature focused for him. Spark Double is funny for winning with Syr Konrad or Lotleth Giant, or can set up other combos/double removal, double Angel of Suffering for protection, double Muldrotha even. Old Stickfingers is probably not the best but can fill the graveyard while creating a tempo body, and is funny. Shadowspear is useful healing with Old Stickfingers, Embodiment of Agonies, Fiend Artisan, and Lord of Extinction often being big creatures. Lord of Extinction is cool, can be a funny wincon with Shadowspear or Altar of Dementia. Alter of Dementia is strong. Recycling Frogify, Aether Spellbomb, and cards like Plaguecrafter can be difficult to deal with. Thassa+Timeless Witness can recycle sorcery as well, this list just runs River’s Rebuke but could consider turn loop cards for those who find that fun. Massacre Wurm kills.


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This deck is not Commander / EDH legal.

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