All the value you can get with Muldrotha, the Gravetide - and a quirky combo for her. I am always on the lookout where to play my LED, and this one so far is the most fun for me. The list itself is my old Muldrotha Value list, just a little bit more tuned.

The combo is Muldrotha with Lion's Eye Diamond, Animate Dead and Phantasmal Image in hand or graveyard. You either clone or reanimate Muldrotha, kill the old one off, so the new one has casts for all permanent types again, then use the two CMC 2 ways to get a new Muldrotha to cast and crack LED to make three mana of the respective color. So in the first run you make infinite blue and black mana. You can then run the blue from your collected mana to make high enough amounts of green and black mana and get Jarad to repeatedly look Muldrotha sac to drain out the table. It's janky as hell and super fragile, which is why I play stuff like City of Solitude to protect myself from blowout.

From my experience playing the list, while it is totally possible to get the actual combo going, quite often you will just play the reanimator shell part of it and beat people down with big demons and drowning them in value. reanmiating Vilis, Broker of Blood with Doom Whisperer out is just disgusting.

Both card:Razaketh, the Foulblodded and Sidisi, Undead Vizier can give you very efficient tutor lines to your combo, so it really isn't impossible to land it, it just needs to be timed right, because LED essentially is "discard your hand and hope you win". Muldrotha at least makes it an option to play LED as a value piece, if you have stuff in your graveyard.

Sidisi is the easiest tutor line, as she doesn't need much extra aside from some mana: play (or better reanmiate) Sidisi, exploit herself for Animate Dead, animate her, exploit herself for LED, animate her (via Muldrotha) again for Phantasmal Image and go off.

Because of the high amount of mana needed for tutor lines and getting the combo started (in the case where you have to play both Muldrotha and your protection and your combo pieces), the deck has a high amount of ramp. I go for quite a bit basic land based ramp, because it synergizes well with Muldrotha and is cheap. And since I go for Null Rod and Collector Ouphe as one of my main stax elements, I dislike going too hard into artifacts for ramp.


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