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The Bollocks Barrin Plan

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This is a little mono-Blue brew I've been messing around with.

The concept is to play mono-Blue with a more aggressive and board-interactive approach. We have no counterspells, save for a Glen Elendra Archmage, put a lot of permanents on the field, and use them to create value.

One of the weird themes was Jace- adding copies of him and things which bear his name. The spirit of adding Jace is pure snarky sarcasm, being that most of my playgroup would revel in the pleasure of seeing Jace and his things being sacrificed.

Overall, this is one of my favorite decks, because it's one that is based on active and interactive game management. We have to play stuff to get value, and we have to effectively play our resources in order devise a strategy in-game to win it.


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Took out all the morph stuff and added in some more real cards.

Looking to keep the deck fun to play, but also not so overly annoying, like the typical mono-Blue deck.


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This deck is Commander / EDH legal.

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