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Mr Toilet, King of the horsemen!

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So Telim'Tor , Kin of the horsemen, AKA Mr Toilet!

When I first saw Telim'Tor I thought it was strange that there were only Two decks built around him, but then you actually do the research (Thanks Razortooth!) and you find out there's only six cards built around him. And now it makes sense.

So we're playing Flanking tribal. We have all stuff that works well with Flanking. Everything from Trample Loxoden warhammer to Wither Stigma Lasher To First strike Chariot of Victory to even multiple combat phases got retriever flanking and Telim'tor's ability Savage Beating

But that only gets you so far. Especially when your flanking cards are Blazing Blade Askari and Agility . At least he's got a cool cape.

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