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Mr. Mizzix's Merry Go 'Round

Commander / EDH Storm UR (Izzet) Wheels


Get your tickets to the merry go 'round!. Once it starts going there is no stopping until you reach a WINCON. Continously discarding everyone's hands and drawing more. And with Mizzix of the Izmagnus making the merry go 'round cheaper to ride, the fun can start at the drop of a card.


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+1 Amphibian Downpour main
-1 Archmage Emeritus main
-1 Change of Fortune main
+1 City of Brass main
+1 Command Tower main
-1 Complete the Circuit main
-1 Cyclonic Rift main
+1 Defabricate main
-1 Demonfire main
-1 Devil's Play main
-1 Displacer Kitten main
-1 Ethereal Usher maybe
-1 Faithless Looting main
-1 Fellwar Stone main
+1 Fiery Islet main
-1 Frantic Search main
-1 Grapeshot main
-1 Island main
+1 Liquimetal Torque main
+1 Mind Stone main
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