£60 Budget Selesnya Enchantments

EXPECTED WIN TIME = 6 to 9 turns

Sythis is the best enchantress, hands down

Ramp? Yeah we got ramp!

All the ramp spells are enchantments. Auras like Wild Growth, Fertile Ground and Overgrowth will immediately let untapped lands tap for more mana.

Herald of the Pantheon, Starfield Mystic, Transcendent Envoy, and particularly Jukai Naturalist let your enchantments and auras cost less, so you can churn through >3 spells a turn.

More enchantresses?

Even with Sythis on board, having just one more enchantress is worthwhile, just to keep up momentum. Eidolon of Blossoms, Enchantress's Presence and Setessan Champion are good extra card draw. Season of Growth will trigger on all aura casts too.

She's how big?

Because you can have >10 enchantments on the field easily, spells like Ethereal Armor, All That Glitters and Sage's Reverie will hugely buff Sythis for very little mana.

Enchantments like Raised by Giants, Flaming Fist and Michiko's Reign of Truth   won't even go to the grave if Sythis is removed.

Rancor and Sentinel's Eyes are recastable even when dropped to pick up card advantage.

She will connect

This sheer power combined with Armadillo Cloak and Unflinching Courage will trample all this power through and can put you way ahead on life total, as if Sythis' life gain wasn't enough

To ensure Sythis will connect, Benevolent Blessing and Spirit Mantle will make Sythis simply unblockable.

Go to Jail, do not pass Go, do not collect mana

Heliod's Punishment, Kenrith's Transformation, Lignify and Darksteel Mutation will reliably shut off commanders. Oblivion Ring cards can deal with other problem nonland permanents.

Nature Prevails

Decent protection is available such as Alpha Authority and Privileged Position for hexproof, Shield of the Oversoul and Timely Ward for indestructible.

Sterling Grove gives shroud to all enchantments, which comes with the risk of being unable to play more auras on Sythis. This can be sacc'd for one mana, allowing an enchantment to be tutored instead.


Dueling Grounds and Ghostly Prison provide good protection when your board would otherwise be open for attacks. Sigil of the Empty Throne provides tough blockers that could even close the game.

Solitary Confinement makes you untouchable with a downside that can be irrelevant with at least two enchantresses on board

Sculpted Sunburst, Single Combat and Winds of Rath are semi-one sided boardwipes with Sythis


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