Setting up a new deck using the pre-con 2019 commander deck. The idea of the deck is to flood the board with 2/2 facedown creatures while ramping. Leave mana open for opponents turn and surprise them by morphing. Vivien, Champion of the Wilds and Leyline of Anticipation give all creatures 'Flash' so that Kadena, Slinking Sorcerer can manifest a card for free on each opponents turn. Mystic Forge allows some control over what I'm manifesting as well as an ideal source to manifest from, rather than decreasing my hand size. Royal Assassin and Thada Adel, Acquisitor are smaller creatures to hide with manifest until they are able to attack/tap to do what they do best, while Metamorphic Alteration can turn a 2/2 facedown creature non-creaturee/or a morphed 2/1 into something with more potential for cheap. Bow of Nylea,Overwhelming Stampede, Biomass Mutation, andEnd-Raze Forerunners give boosts to all the small 2/2 facedown creatures to hopefully take someone out of the game. After play testing this deck boosting creatures to go for the kill seems essential. Temur Sabertooth,Silent-Blade Oni, Paradoxical Outcome and Primordial Mist give you an option to bounce cards back to hand to morph again and/or play spells that may have been manifested that aren't creatures. Cultivator's Caravan is a card I want to experiment with that might not make the final cut, but the option of making a morphed 3/2 creature that is essentially worthless (besides blocking) a 5/5 sounds intriguing to me and if not it makes a decent mana rock. For the time being i've left in Thought Sponge just to try it out, but not sure it'll stay. So far i'm a big fan of Morph and all the surprises it allows to sit on the board. Any feedback is welcome.


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