A Morophon, the Boundless deck that I had been building over the past few months. I wanted something to do with Hydras that was both feasible and terrifying, with the idea of the build focusing on creating a dense forest of steadily-strengthening creatures, one-after-another, and when one dies, it makes the others even stronger. While that didn't happen, I did manage to create a dense forest of creatures relying on each other for their steadily increasing strength. *Playtested to be able to win as early as Turn 7.

When playing with friends in the past, my favorite deck to use was my Vorel of the Hull Clade & Hydras. One day, I grew curious about what might be the best possible evolution of the deck. I had been inspired by a friend's Bolas commander deck that he claimed was built to have fun but wasn't supposed to work, and yet I had never seen a deck produce as much chaos and fear in a group as his deck did.

So this deck that I've worked on, feels like the best potential evolution for my style of play. Featuring control cards like: Mana Drain , Lux Cannon , and Homeward Path . Power enhancement cards like: Branching Evolution , Hydra's Growth , and Sword of Truth and Justice . Fight cards like Setessan Tactics , and Domri Rade for havoc. Eladamri's Call , Bringer of the Black Dawn , Demonic Tutor , and Mystical Tutor as tutor cards. Capricopian , Tempt with Discovery , and Forbidden Orchard for alliance-builder cards, and lastly, win-cons like: Simic Ascendancy and Mayael's Aria .

One combo in this deck could be Hydra's Growth + Mikaeus, the Lunarch for an endless +1/+1 ability. Another could be Marchesa, the Black Rose + Rhythm of the Wild or Marchesa, the Black Rose + The Great Henge to give 0/0 creatures an extra life. Forgotten Ancient + Managorger Hydra and Capricopian + Sword of Truth and Justice for a solid offensive. Mikaeus, the Lunarch + Selvala, Heart of the Wilds for ramp. There are probably others within the deck that I haven't noticed yet.

Any feedback is welcomed.


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