My current build of Mono Green Stompy for the Modern format.


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This past week was kind of a beating, losing to Winota, Joiner of Forces 0-2, and Heliod Company 0-2. We're a pretty damn aggressive deck, so it felt really bad to lose to combo decks that can just go off and win without even needing to interact with our board. Not a fun way to play Magic IMO, but combo decks are part of the game, so I need to adapt.

We beat Azorius Spirits in round 4 after a round 3 bye, so that was a nice consolation. Fighting through double Spell Queller, and drawing just enough Dismember to close out with our beefier threats.

Werewolf Pack Leader performed really well, so it is finally time to say goodbye to my beloved Garruk's Companion. Goodbye my furry friend and thank you for your chump trampling services...


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