Welcome one and all to what I beleive to be, the best configuration of the tried-and-true mono-green Stompy strategy.

If you like efficiently costed threats, turning all your dudes sideways, and watching as your opponent wonders how they lost to the most basic of MTG strategies - then this is the deck for you!!

Stompy is a fast, low to the ground, threath intensive deck that tries to sneak in the win early using consistency in deck construction. You'll often loose to turn 3 combo decks as we are short on interaction. However, the deck is super efficient at punishing the slightest stumble from our opponent due to the 8 functional copies of almost every card in the deck. Therefore we are perfectly positioned to take advantage of the varience found in the explosive/synergy nature of the format.(Assuming you don't get Combo'd out first)

This deck is also relatively cheap compared to the top decks in the format and holds its own quite well.

Now, without further ado, here's the deck...

Pelt Collector : This creature perfectly reflects the redundancy and synergy of the deck. A large (with some work), mana efficient, +1/+1 counter based threat. The reach provided from the potential Trample, along with the inevitability of the death trigger make Pelt Collector a true all star of this strategy, and a necissary play set.

Experiment One : Here's the other guy. Having one play set of this ability is great so why not two? Experiment One is quite good and plays on the same axis as Pelt Collector in the early threat that gets bigger fast. The regenerate does help against sweepers that can sometimes blow you out. However; I needed some space for some of the 2 drops in the list, and seeing as we already have the play set of Pelt Collector , I cut one Experiment One. The play set is playable if you wish but this seems to be the optimal configuration.

Dryad Militant : This card is an all-star in the deck. It gives us pre-board hate against Storm (which is good due to our lack of interaction with combo decks) and any other spell heavy or Snapcaster Mage strategies. Militant also allows us to keep a triple one drop hand and "evolve" two Pelt Collector or Experiment One on T2. For all these reasons you always want the full play set.

Aspect of Hydra : This card is the entire reason the deck is viable. The ability to add upwards of +5/+5 consistently for just one mana requires no more explanation. Full play set or bust.

Rancor : Very good at adding power to the board, which matches our startegy. Rancor being a permanent also gives us more devotion for Aspect of Hydra . The recurring nature of the permanent is what pushes it over the top as you are able to loop it back into play if the enchanted creature dies (Interacting perfectly with one of our two drops in Strangleroot Geist ). However the ability to get two for one's if your opponent kills the creature you are trying to enchant while Rancor is on the stack drops this card to 3 deck slots. This is only a slight difference from the traditional full play set many other similar strategies or deck lists tend to implement. This being said our new addition of Barkhide Troll does make it easier to protect the cast. Unfortunately a single play set of such a synergy does not feel like enough reason to move Rancor to a full play set for now.

Vines of Vastwood : This card is both a one drop and two drop, but in this section we will discuss the one drop effect of the card. It is much easier to leave up 1 open mana than it is 2 so its fine if Vines of Vastwood is used as a protection spell more often than the full pump. It also means with 2 mana you can protect a creature you are trying to use Aspect of Hydra on in combat. Some people argue that Blossoming Defense might be better as it gives a smaller buff unconditionally. However, I beleive the extra pump from Vines of Vastwood is relevant, while also being able to target your opponents creatures for extra flexibility.

Avatar of the Resolute : This card. Avatar is sooooo good. It's probably self explanitory but let's go into it real quick. First up double green for Aspect of Hydra devotion. Built in trample AND reach which is nothing to laugh at with occasional flying threaths. Also the deck uses +1/+1 counters insedentaly to buff creatures ( Pelt Collector , Experiment One , Strangleroot Geist , Barkhide Troll , Scavenging Ooze ) which makes Avatar occasionally HUGE!! This guy fully deserves the full play set slots in this list.

Strangleroot Geist : More of the double green cmc to help with devotion. Hasty boy with Undying to help with sweepers along side Experiment One . The Undying also gives a +1/+1 counter to help with Avatar of the Resolute as mentioned before. The only awkward thing about this creature is it sometimes needs to die in order to evolve our Pelt Collector and Experiment One if they are 2/2's already. However the upside this card represents having haste and synergizing with the rest of the deck earns it a full play set.

Barkhide Troll : FINALLY! A two drop that makes me want to play " Kalonian Tusker ". This duder is perfect for Stompy. He comes in with a counter so we can follow up with a Avatar of the Resolute for the buff. He's big so he still evolves our one drops as Garruk's Companion did in this slot previously. But most importantly he blanks removal! This means you play the game with a functional copy of Vines of Vastwood while he's in play. This allows us to pump him up with with Aspect of the Hydra or Rancor and not lose out on tempo. All this in addition to the solid two devotion in his cmc. I've been waiting for this card for so long!

Scavenging Ooze : This traditional sideboard card makes the jump to the main due to the heavy graveyard based meta. It is also able to grow pretty large pretty quick when you eat your own dead dudes post sweeper. Add in the +1/+1 synergy with Avatar of the Resolute and the built in incidental life gain for burn strategies, makes this a great include. However it only has 1 devotion and is not a great option for evolving our one drops so this creature gets 2 slots in the deck.

Vines of Vastwood : As mentioned before this card is both a one drop and two drop so let's look at it as a two drop. When kicked, in addition to the hexproof it gives the targeted creature a +4/+4 buff. This extra damage is the full reason we play Vines of Vastwood over Blossoming Defense . This enhanced buff can really help close out games.

Steel Leaf Champion : This card is nuts. Three devotion, large power for evolve, and can't be blocked by power 2 or less creatures!! What!? The ability to have this guy come in and get removed due to his amazing strength just to trigger Pelt Collector and make it a 5/5 is good. But then you also get a creature that can swing sometimes unblockable and Aspect or Vines for the kill is nuts. Some lists use Leatherback Baloth as it has more toughness, which in all fairness can help you block if needed. I do think the extra boost in power is relevant to the overall game plan of the deck, and this deck can only really afford to have one three drop play set. So here it is.

Treetop Village : This land gives us a trampling threat which I have covered the importance of. It also gives a creature that can be used after a sweeper if we over extend. However the enter tapped clause is very detrimental so we only run 2.

Nurturing Peatland : This new addition to the deck does increase the price a bit, but a small safety net for flooding is worth it. We only need 2 of these as they can be painfull due to our high devotion (I might do some testing on other numbers), and we use Peatland specificaly for the corner cases where it can save us a life from casting Dismember .

Forest : Just need some basics. TIP: I use Snow-Covered Forest in my build because of the mental game it puts on my opponent. Also I just happen to have them haha.

That's the main 60. It's pretty straight forward as the deck wants to be. The deck is super consistent with very similar cards filling up every slot. As mentioned in the intro the deck can be fairly weak to combo and ultimatly is a very fair creature deck. This means we sometimes rely on some key Sideboard cards, which brings us to...

2x Shapers' Sanctuary : This is for control or midrange decks, strategies that rely on removal over favorable blocks.

2x Dismember : This slot is simply 2 pieces of interaction. Another option is Prey Upon if loosing the life to cast Dismember doesn't work in your meta for whatever reason. I think Dismember is better, as you can still use it if you have no creatures.

2x Deglamer : To be used against Tron as Wurmcoil Engine and Oblivion Stone make for bad times. Also useful against decks that board into Ensnaring Bridge plans.

3x Life Goes On : For Burn or other aggressive gas light decks.

2x Wheel of Sun and Moon : Wheel is our form of Graveyard hate. It works wonders against Dredge, Phoenix, or Storm. Incedentaly helps us against Mill if it ever comes up. The big reason we run Wheel of Sun and Moon instead of Surgical Extraction or Tormod's Crypt is the devotion boost from the double Green enchantment.

4x Groundbreaker : Used to increase the speed of the deck against Combo decks. The added benefit of triggering Pelt Collector on ETB and Sac trigger is really what seals the 4-3 split favoring Pelt Collector to Experiment One in the Main. I have concidered that this interaction could bring this card to the Main Deck. I do beleive the consistency of a lingering threat in Steel Leaf Champion is better positioned in this current meta. If things change in the future then this may bring Groundbreaker to the main.

So that's the 75. No you probably won't win the next GP using this deck. Yes you might crush a local FNM once or twice when people aren't ready. The point is this deck is fun, simple, and fairly cheap.

If you have any questions just add them to the comments section below. Otherwise feel free to use the following Basic Sideboarding Guide to help in your future Stomping!!

Updated Note: I am currently testing Once Upon a Time which is nice as it incidentally takes care of my problem with Groundbreaker in the side. In order to make room for OUaT in the main I had to move over Scavenging Ooze thus allowing me to push out Groundbreaker . The current deck list is what I'm running to test Once Upon a Time and so far I have mixed feelings. (As I'm not sold on the card yet, I'm not changing my sideboarding guides and decklist primer until I lock this in) The card is very neat and allows some very tight main deck construction and function. HOWEVER, sideboarding is super awkward now and it's truly causing my suspicion about the card in this deck. I will keep you all posted as I progress with my testing. Thank you for choosing this primer for all your stompy needs :)

Deglamer In Rancor OR Scavenging Ooze Out Depending on reason for boarding In

Dismember In Scavenging Ooze Out

Life Goes On In Rancor Out

Groundbreaker In Steel Leaf Champion Out

Shapers' Sanctuary In Rancor Out

Wheel of Sun and Moon In Vines of Vastwood Out

As you may notice, a lot of the same cuts are made for many different Sideboard cards. If you find yourself needing to add in more sideboard cards than the cuts allow then these #'s can often be accommodated to include a Pelt Collector or Barkhide Troll here or there.

Note: If you are boarding in Groundbreaker , never board out Pelt Collector .

Hope this helps!

Testing / Things to look out for in Maybe Board

Collector Ouphe : I'm keeping my eye on this card as it gives us hate for artifact decks at a low cost. Currently Scavenging Ooze is better due to the graveyard focus in the format. If that changes I think Ouphe is a suitable one for one replacement.


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