Traditional mono green control with a blue splash for oko and krasis. Need to tweak a bit more when I learn more about how Once Upon a Time (OUaT) plays.

Early Thoughts:

  • I think Eternal Witness is a lot better early with OUaT and fetchlands, so I can imagine dropping some number of nissa and playing more Ewit and powerful spells/creatures.

  • Voracious hydra is good creature removal and a good clock on a body that can be grabbed off of primal command and OUaT.

  • Noble Hierarch is great to apply early pressure, letting an early walking ballista or krasis be bigger and pressure other control decks.

  • I think this version definitely wants the 3rd dork to be able to make blue since arbor elf cant directly make it.

  • Utopia sprawl is weird with OUaT because it can't be found off of it which is especially problematic t1 when you're looking for your t1 dork. So you essentially only run 6 dorks that can be grabbed off OUaT, which hurts the ability to smooth your opening hand a bit, but utopia sprawl enabling the 4mana t2 is (I think) too good to pass up.

  • Gilded goose is a consideration if you're worried about wrenn and six or similar 1 toughness hosers (darkblast, plague engineer, etc) or if you predict lots of burn in your meta.

  • However goose is bad at continually providing mana. With a goose on t1 you still hit your 3 mana t2, but t3 you do not have 4 mana. Goose only temporarily ramps your curve the turn you burn the food. For this reason I don't think goose is good in this deck, since our gameplan is slam a t2 disruptive element and pressure with big spells and resource denial.

  • Another consideration for diversifying the mana dorks is playing good ol llanowar elves and elvish mystic plus a singleton pendlehaven. These 1/1 dorks don't have the utility that birds of paradise, goose, or noble hierarch have of being able to make blue, but it could be worth more to help guarantee the mana acceleration in the face of hate.

  • Oko is a weird magic card.


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