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Mono-Green Charbelcher. Theros update

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For the people by the people. The goal is to fish out all 7 lands from the deck,then play and fire a lethal belcher. The back up plan is ramping into some big beaters in the main and out of the board. Ancient Stirrings grabs belcher or a land, but it can also hitthe renegade map. A way to upgrade the deck to non budget would be to cut the queens and the thragtusk and add Wurmcoil Engine and potentially Karn, Scion of Urza as threats that can be grabbed off of stirrings. Recross the Paths cast with no lands in deck allows you to restack the deck. Conversation about the deck is encouraged.

Edit: shifting ceratops is pretty good with haste. I found force of vigor to be too hard to cast as it needed another green card to pitch which i didnt always have. Hornet queen is also kinda weak.


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Once upon a time has been banned so I took that out. Added flower back because it is good with recross the path. Added a main deck Rec sage as a 1-of tutor target. Spore frogs have been feeling meh, might go down on them.


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