I bought the Merfolk vs. Goblins duel deck for the Merfolk deck. So this is the beginning of my modern Merfolk. Right now I am playing only kitchen magic with a few friends but I want to eventually take this to my LGS to play. At the moment I have to keep it budget and am SLOWLY (I have had some medical issues so only working part time at the moment) getting the cards I need. Damn you Aether Vial for being so expensive haha! It does pretty good at the table, winning 85% of the time.

The next cards I will be purchasing will be Lord of Atlantis so I have both playsets of lords. I am using Aquitect's Will in place of Spreading Seas at the moment but it is a horrible replacement.I It helps enable islandwalk but cant be used to screw up their mana base and doesn't help with Master of Waves . I have been thinking of getting some cheap Sea's Claim as stand ins for Spreading Seas for now. That way I'm getting most of the benefits of Spreading Seas .

Obviously, I want to eventually purchase Aether Vial , Mutavault and Cavern of Souls and sideboard cards such as Relic of Progenitus but for now I am looking for the best budget options to improve it.

I am using Tidebinder Mage as my son runs a Gruul deck with hydras and Ghalta, Primal Hunger and another friend runs a Simic energy deck so tapping down her creatures is nice. There is also a good amount of red at the table. The one deck i haven't used it against yet is a Bogbrew Witch / Festering Newt / Bubbling Cauldron deck. That's why I have Pithing Needle , Tormod's Crypt , and Grafdigger's Cage in the sideboard.

Im not entirely sold on Spell Pierce , although, it does work very well with Kopala, Warden of Waves on the battlefield, and was wondering what people think of using Cursecatcher .

So, with that being said, I was hoping for some advice on what the next best budget purchases, after the Lord of Atlantis and possible Sea's Claim would be.Thank you for any help you can give!!


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