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Mono-Blue EDH - Budget Kefnet




Kefnet Budget EDH for Battle of the Gods league. $50 budget, excluding basics and commander.

A basic draw-go control build, this deck runs most counters that draw a card to keep Kefnet an active attacker. Since the vast majority of commanders will be indestructible gods, I focused a little harder on creature-counters as well as adding a few copy/thief effects.

Runechanter's Pike and Empyrial Plate help accelerate Kefnet's clock.

Lullmage Mentor , Talrand, Sky Summoner , Metallurgic Summonings , Rise from the Tides , and Sphinx-Bone Wand all generate extra value per spell.

Guile , Supplant Form and Blatant Thievery allow me to steal/copy other Gods and powerful effects.

Engulf the Shore , Evacuation , AEtherize , AEtherspouts , Cyclonic Rift , Crush of Tentacles and Scourge of Fleets provide defense against aggressive boardstates.

Other lists from the league:


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Swapped out Draining Whelk for Stunt Double. Never lied drawing it except for very late into the game, and it's monetary cost doesn't seem worth the effect. Also the overall value of the deck has crept above $50, so this downgrade should provide a buffer.


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