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Momentous March of the Martial Machines

Commander / EDH Artifact Infinite Combo Tokens WUB (Esper)


Adding alliteration adds appeal, don't it?

More seriously, I'm not generally a big fan of Artifact decks. I can't say exactly why besides the fact most Artifact commanders tend to be a little generic. But for me, Urza, Chief Artificer's more aggressive take and Ashnod the Uncaring's sacrifice shenanigans bring something I can get behind. Here's my take on Urza.

The name of the game is assembling an army of artifact creatures and tokens to smash face and generate artifact-based value. There's also the Karn, the Great Creator + Mycosynth Lattice lock to prevent our opponents from casting spells or activating abilities. Its more fun to win fair, but if we need to play dirty, we have Krark-Clan Ironworks + Thopter Foundry + Sword of the Meek to generate infinite thopters. Sacrifice Meek to Foundry to create a Thopter. The Sword returns to the battlefield attached to it. Sac the Thopter to Ironworks then use the mana to sacrifice the sword. The Sword returns to the battlefield. Each loop gets 1 life and 1 colorless mana. While my deck doesn't care about the life, you can feed the mana to Walking Ballista, and it also lets you infinitely trigger Disciple of the Vault to drain folks to death.

Alternatively, have either the mana to use Foundry + Meek five times or keep casting Thopter Assembly from the hand for 6 and take infinite turns with Time Sieve. No matter who the opponent, they're likely to crumble with enough endless turns.


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