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Triple A [Modern Version]

Modern Allies Lifegain WB (Orzhov)



A Modern deck based on this Standard one: Triple A

It's All About Allies!!

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I know very little about Modern, so I'm happy for people to give me advice about this deck.

All I ask is that you explain why you are suggesting a card, and also say what cards you would remove for it.

I am currently testing Aether Vial

How to Play

We're trying to hit hard and fast with our Creatures to outrace the Opponent, and buff them up as quickly as possible.

We want at least one Ally to hit the field on every turn, while also protecting our Allies as much as possible.

If a card doesn't fit that brief, it doesn't go in the deck.

  • Get Hada Freeblade and Kazandu Blademaster out ASAP so they start collecting +1/+1 counters.

  • Use Protection from Kabira Evangel as often as possible during the attacking phase, to get damage through. Don't forget that if two sources of Protection occur on the same turn, two different colours can be chosen.

  • Use Join the Ranks on the Opponent's turn to trigger Ally abilities and allow them to block better.

  • Brave the Elements can be used on the Opponent's turn to protect Allies, letting them block without dying.

  • Take note that Drana, Liberator of Malakir has First Strike. Any Creature attacking at the same time will receive a +1/+1 counter BEFORE their damage goes through, as long as her damage is done to the Opponent.

Everything else is fairly self-explanatory.


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