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modern jeskai prowess (edited)

Modern* Aggro RUW (Jeskai, America)



hello everyone, this is my prowess deck (edited)

original: jeskai prowess

I have inspired my deck on a prowess deck that my friend (combocatastrophy167) had built and the deck that DesolatorMagic made, called "Mr. Nibbles" ( Niblis of Frost ) (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eX3RPauK7h40)It's not really an aggro deck but a little bit more control. but I think you can beat your opponent in turn 7 or so.

more upgrades in my deck are coming soon!

sideboard:1x Artful Dodge1x Artful Maneuver 2x Boros Charm1x Brute Strength 2x Built to Smash1x Expedite 1x Isochron Scepter1x Monastery Mentor1x Stormchaser Mage 1x Student of Ojutai 1x Titan's Strength

I didn't want that the price became higher in the indicator cuz the sideboard.


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