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Commander / EDH Aggro Eldrazi RUG (Temur)


The beatings will continue until morale improves....

If you love oversized beaters and political concessions from opponents, you've come to the right place.
If you despise EDH that revolves around combo kills, you are now among friends.
If you want to scream ANIMAAAAAR! with the petulance of a young child when you play your commander, look no further....

Animar is capable of powering out the noodle legion much faster than other mana cheating commanders (Jodah, Archmage Eternal, Golos, Tireless Pilgrim), but it requires some counter abuse.


Unlike other Animar decks that precede us, the goal of the deck is not to grow Animar enough to start a combo kill. Instead, we seek to demoralize our opponents with incredibly large beaters.
Kill strat #1 is achieved by growing Animar excessively large with counter doubles and knocking out any stragglers with commander damage. It can also be used as a threat against stragglers early for political concessions later in the game.


True demoralization doesn't occur until an opponent sacrifices a large part of their board to the noodle legion. Counter doublers on Animar allow quick slamming of Annihilators. We aren't protecting Animar to kill our opponents with him, we're protecting Animar to bring out the noodle legion.

Screaming NOODLES! when you drop your eldrazi is not required, but comes highly recommended.

The deck plays out primarily in two ways depending on your opening draw:
- Fast Draw: Mana Rock/Dork, Turn 2 Animar, Creature + Counter Ramp, NOODLES!
- Slow Draw: Animar on 3, creatures + Counter Doublers, NOODLES!

Fast Draw (Animar on 2)

Turn 2 animar is the fast-hand goal.
- 1 drop manadorks and rocks are included to power out animar on turn2.
- All mana producing lands (outside of the Triome for salvaging powerful hands with poor mana) come in untapped to enable the t2 Animar.

Slow Draw (Animar on 3)

If your hand does not include one of the more powerful counter auto doublers (Hydra's Growth, Vorel of the Hull Clade, etc..) and you do not have a mana rock, it may be appropriate to play Animar on turn 3 and use a mana dork as a counter starter instead.

MOAR counters!

Growing Animar a single counter per creature is too slow for powering out noodles, we want to double counter growth or counter doubles where we can. (Hardened Scales, Hydra's Growth, Spark Double, etc.. ).
4-6 counters is typically all that's required for fast NOODLES, so all included counter ramp has this goal in mind. This usually entails 1-2 creatures and a counter doubler, although some of the doubles act as both and go the whole nine yards.

- Walking Ballista - We win with beatings and demoralization, not combo kills...
- Doubling Season - The symmetric effect enables too many other decks
- Selvala, Heart of the Wilds - Counterintuitively, Selvala nonbos with much of the deck. While we get decent ramp, it's mostly unnecessary as Animar's counter discount is more than sufficient, and the card draw is mostly enjoyed by opponents playing midrange.

Shout out to Eric Klug painting the amazing alter. You can commission your own alters via Klug Alters

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