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Mizzix Intuition/Reiterate Combo Competitive

Commander / EDH Combo Spellslinger UR (Izzet)


Mizzix Intuition Combo, goes for either

reiterate + ritual/seething + four experience counters, loop for infinite mana, lightning bolt or something and infinite reiterate that for the win

cast intuition for mystic retrieval + runic repetition + turnabout, start combo out of bin/hand with mystic, so long as you have 6 lands that don't ping you, go infinite mana. easier to start with 3 experience counters, but if you have excess mana and no experience counters, the intuition cast and first loop will cost more but will also get you up to 4 counters to continue the loop indefinitely afterwards generating excess mana each time. Once infinite, recast intuition (or anything else in your bin) infinite times as part of the same loop, instead of turnabout, to win the game or tutor for something that will.

shes a thirsty bitch and provides no card advantage so this deck is stacked with it.

protect the hell out of mizzix and honestly when shes on the field, you should get your counters up as fast as possible. its entirely possible to recast mizzix for the second or third time and then win the same turn with your remaining mana if you have enough experience counters and have sculpted a good hand in the meantime.

please let me know in the comments what you might recommend, this is a bit of a different direction and can definitely grow.


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