I was working on this idea a few years ago and decided to dust it off and see if time has made it any better. It's a clunky concept, but the goal is to have fun rather than be competitive. I envision this more as a deck you take to FNM once in a while when you're not taking life too seriously.

It's a little control, a little ramp, and a little removing-your-library-from-the-game-to-win-with-Laboratory Maniac.

Since the deck is a bit of a glass cannon (or maybe glass firecracker is more accurate) I went the control route. This buys time to assemble the pieces, and can protect them once they're out.

I'm not patient enough for control, so I added ramp (I start most of my deck builds with ramp). The idea is to quickly have enough mana to play Laboratory Maniac and Mirror of Fate or Leveler, preferably in one turn.

Sure, ramp and control can get in each other's way, but speedy control is definitely an archetype.

Because the deck also ramps, the control piece is only partly to disrupt the opponent. The primary reason for all the counterspells is because we were already in for Laboratory Maniac. Oh, and to protect the combo pieces when they're being cast or once they're out.

Spell Pierce Is really for early game disruption and I wouldn't rely on it too much later on. Counterspell and Archmage's Charm are the true combo protecting stars, and Archmage's Charm adds some nice versatility if a counter isn't needed.

I'm considering Remand since I will likely only need to temporarily deal with the opponent's spell, and the card draw could trigger a win if both pieces are already out (assuming the opponent casts something I can counter). For right now I prefer the permanence of the other counters.

I like Scapeshift so I started with a Scapeshift ramp package and removed a few things. Sakura-Tribe Elder can chump block and ramp, and is even better if you're playing against Living End! Search for Tomorrow and Explore are your typical "get extra lands into play" cards.

Edge of Autumn is ok, but who doesn't like the Future Sight card frame!?

Winning is pretty simple. Have Laboratory Maniac in play and activate Mirror of Fate (or cast Leveler) and draw a card! When you activate Mirror of Fate just be sure to select 0 cards in exile to put back into your library.
Opt and Serum Visions help dig/filter to find what we need, and also draw us a card so we don't have to pass the turn if we use Leveler to remove our library. Explore, Edge of Autumn, Archmage's Charm, and Waterlogged Grove can also trigger the final card draw (or just draw cards regularly if needed).


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