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Mindshrieker Holocaust (3rd Turn Win)

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Modern Mill

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Third Turn Infinate Mill

First Turn: Drop Island

Second Turn: Drop Island and cast pila-pala

Third Turn: Attack with pila-pala then cast Grand Architect. Tap Grand Architect for 2 colorless. Use that 2 to untap pila-pala adding 1 blue to your mana pool. Use that blue mana to make pila-pala blue until end of turn. Tap pila-pala for 2 colorless and repeat the above process giving you Infinate blue mana. Cast and use Mindshrieker pumping all required mana to mill out opponent.

I have Drift of Phantasms and Muddle the Mixture in there to transmute for my combo if required. Or I can transmute for my Staff of Domination to pick through my deck to draw until I find a kill condition.


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After perusing through some of the Modern Mill decks on here I realized that a lot of people are now using the Duskmantle Guildmage/ Mindcrank combo, so I took it out. Any suggestions for sideboard would be helpful. Cheers

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