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Mindcrank Horrors

Modern* Mill UB (Dimir)



Work towards Duskmantle Guildmage + Mindcrank combo.

Mill spells + Snapcaster Mage will help you churn out big ass horror creatures fast to stay alive long enough for your combo...if they don't kill your opponent straight up. There are many ways for you to reuse Snapcaster Mage over and over for cheap card drawal, removal and mill spells.

Consuming Aberration + Cryptic Command + Vapor Snag are still somewhat of a ??? but they are cool so I'm using them to start off with. See Maybeboard for other considerations. Sideboard would probably need to be more countermagic or sth along those lines.

I haven't actually played this deck yet in that form so consider this a prototype. Intended as a fun, casual deck.


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