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Mimeoplasm EDH ft. Ifnir Cycling-discard combo

Commander / EDH*




This is a test build and will be changed frequently for optimization, what we have is:

Create lots of creaturessacrifice creatures/tokens for ramp and self/enemy discard effectsdiscard/cycle cards for triggers with new amonkhet cardsrecycle the deck with Hermit Druid + Survival of the Fittest + Tortured Existence

if you have a New Perspectives sitting out and active:

Shefet Monitor is free to cycle, discard trigger, land into play untapped, drawLotus Cobra land into play from cycle trigger to float one black mana Tortured Existence use floating black mana to discard any creature in hand for:

Shefet Monitor

this produces 2 discard triggers and an untapped basic land for each creature card drawn or discarded outright into Tortured Existence .



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This deck is Commander / EDH legal.

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